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Hmm okay..

1. I’m really shy, I don’t like talking to new people, I don’t like going out. If you’re already my friend, then I’m not shy at all. 

2. I REALLY love making music. I use this program called FL Studio, and I could make music all day, everyday. 

3. I hate messy places, I hate my room when it’s messy. I like really hate it. It drags my mood down. Idk lol

4. I’m teaching myself the Piano, I basically know everything already lol. But I reallllllly suck at playing different tunes on both hands lol. Unless it’s just chords, but chords + melody… nope. 

5. I’ve had the same celeb crushes for years, Theo Rossi (7), Daniel Feuerriegel (4) and Vincent Piazza for the past almost two years. 

  • Ariana: What are we gonna do when my mom and dad die? Then Sergio will die, then Luis, then me, then Junior, then the baby. Who's gonna watch us? Cos if I die, is Junior gonna watch the baby?
  • Me: When do people die Ariana?
  • Ariana: When their old.
  • Me: Okay, so how old are you?
  • Ariana: 6.
  • Me: How old is Emiliano?
  • Ariana: 1.
  • Me: So you were five when he was born. When you're 100 he's gonna be 95, old too. He won't need anyone to watch him.
  • Ariana: But what do we do? Just stay at our house and do nothing?
  • Me: You grow up.
  • Ariana: But we don't know when our birthday is to grow up.
  • *loses shit*
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wait, is the demo for everyone i cant find it
from Anonymous

Not yet, EA is giving out the demo to people still. If you go to, there is a signup that lets you apply for the demo, but then they still choose randomly. 

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sees awwnooboo's new pictures

*shuts down sims*

*shuts down computer*

*shuts down room*

*shuts down house*

*shuts down life*

Marina Snippet


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