Quick update for everyone who have commissions, I’m like 95% done with them! I just have the people who contacted me via this simblr (all via my personal and all but two via email are done and sent out). 

Okay, that’s all ;)

Clair De Lune


Just a PSA

I you’re using the crack DON’T base your first impressions of TS4 on it.

Like I played it both officially and with the crack. The crack kind of sucks, kind of a lot.

It’s laggy, choppy, you can’t experience the game in it’s entirety.

When I played on a friend’s Origin, it was smooth, fast loading… It was amazing. There are so many cute things EA added in, I reallly suggest buying it.

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FAQ about TS4 Crack
How I got the TS4 Crack to work!

I just wanted to make this post to help you guys out with that crack that kosmokhaos posted. Go here to get the links.

So, first thing I did was back up the entire Bin folder in program files, just in case.

Now I already have TS4 downloaded, but I don’t have an activation code, but the site that Kosmo linked has a download for TS4 as well as the crack. Download whatever you need.

Once they download, extract them into the Bin folder, they don’t replace anything I don’t know why it says they do.

If you get an error trying to extract 3dmgame.dll, disable your antivirus.

Make a new Origin account. I don’t know how the banning on Origin works, but I have almost all the TS3 EP and SP’s so I wasn’t trying to lose them. You need to be logged into an Origin account to play!

To open the game click on the icon that says 3DM on it, it’s named The.Sims.4.Launcher not the original TS4.exe

That’ll open the game. If it crashes or doesn’t load, then you need to disable your antivirus. I disabled mine for an hour while I played using the crack, and it worked fine.

There is another issue though, if your sim uses the toilet, bath or shower, the mosiac blur stays on your sim for the rest of your play time. To fix that, press shift+ctrl+c to open the cheat menu. Type in: CheatsEnabled true

Then press shift+ctrl+c to close the cheat menu.

To keep the mosiac off, shift+click your sim and click “cheat motives” and first click on “Make Happy” and then “Disable Motive Decay”. The downside is none of your sims motives will lower, they will be super happy. Well, more like the upside lolz.

To get rid of the mosiac, Shift+click on your sim and click “Edit in CAS”, then just exit CAS. That will remove the mosiac.

That’s how I did it, nothing’s changed, my sims and household are the same, you can use the gallery and download whatever you want (with your fake Origin).

The only thing I noticed is there was some lag, but I just lowered my settings from high to medium.

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Where is Natasha hemlock's skin from?
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