Can someone answer the TS4 questions we all want to know:

How bad is the lag?
How long does loading between lots take?
Is there really “solo woohoo”?

Hey! I saw your post about your low carb diet, and I was wondering if you were seeing a dietitian? Not a nutritionist or a doctor, because they do not have the same background. Dietitians can help you explore more options for your health and your diet. :)
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Well the website for our local hospital says she’s a “Dietitian Nutritionist” lol. So I’m guessing that’s both?

I’ve went to my doctor too, she’s the one who set me up with her. 

Where is Natasha hemlock's skin from?
from Anonymous

Also, someone lend me $80 for TS4.

What is the file size for TS4? I don’t wanna waste money buying it if I don’t have enough space ~

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Laurel's skin?

I was tagged by simtasia to list my top 10 favorite video games:

  1. Perfect Dark (N64)
  2. Tomb Raider Anniversary (Gamecube)
  3. The Sims 2 (Gamecube)
  4. Scarface (PS2)
  5. The Godfather (PS2)
  6. Watch Dogs (PS3)
  7. Modern Warfare 3 (PS3)
  8. L.A. Noire (PS3)
  9. The Godfather: 2 (PS3)
  10. Grand Theft Auto 5 (PS3)

I tag poopsim, roseoftheoakmoonsims, sugarssimblr and simovation!

How do you get such high quality images of you sims? Do you edit a lot?
from Anonymous

I don’t edit a lot a lot, but I do edit. Here are the tutorials I’ve made (and use) on editing:
1 | 2 

Also, my screen size is 144X900, so that takes really big pictures, and once I resize them down and do the above tutorials, they look really nice! :)

I’m so into my game right now lol. Laurel lived alone, then she became an A list celeb and a superstar actress and got rich. She moved into a mansion-ish house in the celebrity hills of Bridgeport and her best friend Natasha Hemlock moved in with her and she’s a Hit Movie composer, so they’re both rich. Now Larel is making S4000+ three days a week at work, and she’s currently making S75000+ a week in book royalties.

Her boyfriend, Matthew, just moved in and he’s also a superstar actor and a jewlery maker so they’re rolling.

Matthew and Laurel are engaged. Natasha is just playing the field.

They’re super nice and so far they’ve built a large family park, a nectary, a community basketball court and their latest build is a bowling alley / coffee bar / comic book shop / pet shop / laudromat. It’s the bees knees.

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Dude the Last Venue of Amore would look so bomb in Monte Vista.. or was it already made for that? Idk lol.. I just right now read about it lol. 

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