Yesterday I posted about a world I was making, and here is the full post. I started making this world when Generations came out, so from there I slowly started buying the expansions and adding on to this huge ass world. I haven’t worked on it recently, but it includes all EP’s (except WA) up to and including Showtime.

I’ve spent months working on it and really don’t want it to go to waste, it’s such a perfect world to me, and hopefully you all too. I hate when a new EP comes w/ a new town, because you don’t really get to utilze the previous EP’s so this has a bit of everything.

What this whole post is about

With all that being said, it’s such a huge project that there is no way I can finish all the lots and population, even if I tried there’s no way I could stay motivated. So yadda yadda, I want to know if anyone wants to help out? Lots - residential and community and sims would really help me out, and you don’t have to be an expert to lend a hand. I just really want to get this world done and out for download. So if you’d like to help just “ask” me and we can totally make it happen. And of course you will get as much credit as me in the DL! <3 

Hangouts, bars, clubs, dives, dog / cat parks, basically every lot up except Showtime and on. There are like 50+ house lots, and 35+ community lots. It’s a large map, with a beach city, country town, a “late night” town, and a community city.

Ganesville is large county, divided into smaller towns such as Breckland hidden in the rolling hills of the country side, or perhaps your sims prefer a fast, loud city life, than Ridgeway is the place for you. Ganesville has it all; town life, city life, and country life, with plenty of lakes and beaches for your sim to explore!

Each community is layed out as follows:

Each community is also fully named w/ addresses and here are most of the community places names:
Sunnyview Beach
Sunny View Beach - Community
Sunnyview Hangout - Community
120 Sunnyview Lane - Community - Diner
122 Sunnyview Lane - Community - Library
Sunnyview Hangout - Community - Dance Club w/ Pool
Sunnyview Consignment - Consignment Store

Breckland Woods
Breckland Cove - Community - Fishing Spot
348 Breckland Drive - Community - Laundromat
Ganesville Cemetary - Community - Graveyard
Breckland Subway - Community - Subway
Breckland Park - Community - Big Park
359 Breckland Drive - Community - Irish - Waylon’s Haunt
360 Breckland Drive - Community - Pet Store
361 Breckland Drive - Community - Small Shop (Book+Spa)
362 Breckland Drive - Community - Small Shop (Grocery)
Ganesville Junkyard - Community - Junkyard
366 Subway - Community - Subway
367 Breckland Drive - Community - Salon
368 Breckland Drive - Community - Small Park
Ganesville Shipping Co
Ganesville Hospital

Ridgeway City
Ganesville Pictures - Community - Backlot
Ridgeway Point - Community - Beach
Ridgeway Park - Big Park
1624 Ridgeway Ave - Community - Pool
1625 Subway - Community - Subway
1629 Ridgeway Ave - Community - Asian Fusion Lounge
1635 Ridgeway Ave - Community - Theature
1638 Ridgeway Ave - Community - Celebrity Lounge
1639 Ridgeway Ave - Community - Art Gallery
1643 Ridgeway Ave - Community - Dance Club
1650 Ridgeway Ave - Community - Big Shop
1651 Ridgeway Ave - Community - Performance Club
1652 Ridgeway Ave - Community - Private Venue
Ridgeway Subway - Community - Subway

Pinegrove Country
417 Pinegrove Drive - Community - Sports Bar
Ganesville Stadium - Community - Stadium
414 Pinegrove Drive - Community - Irish Bar - Eugis
Pinegrove Marine Facility
Pinegrove Subway - Community - Subway
Ganesville Fire Dept. - Community - Fire Station
Ganesville Horse Ranch - Community - Horse Ranch
Ganesville Equestrain Center

Ganesville Wedding Chappel
Ganesview Dog Park - Community - Dog Park
2753 Ashberry Drive - Community - Art Gallery
2752 Ashberry Drive - Community - Gym
Ganesville Town Hall - Community - City Hall
2750 Ashberry Drive - Community - Small Shop
2751 Ashberry Drive - Community - Day Spa
Ashberry Diner - Community - Restaurant
2730 Ashberry Drive - Community - Pool
Ganesville Bututterfly Esplande
2724 Ashberry Drive - Community - Subway
2723 Ashberry Drive - Community - Big Park
Ganesville Academy - Community - Academy
2728 Ashberry Drive - Community - Small Shop
2729 Ashberry Drive - Community - Library
1640 Ganesview Lane - Community - Coffee House
Ashberry Lake - Community - Fishing Spot
2713 Ganesview Lane - Community - Cat Jungle

World is fully decorated with trees, foliage, spawners, etc.

January 1, 2013 at 13:03

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