I mentioned that I used CCMagic to make my game so much faster and smoother while playing and a lot of people were wondering about it. I’ve made a in-depth tutorial showing you how I do it and how it works.

Step 1. Once you download CCMagic, you should make a backup of your mods. CCMagic only moves your mods, but if you have them in organized folders in the packages>mods folder it will mess those up because it takes all the package files and puts them in one folder.  Now first thing to do is to open CCMagic, this is what you will see. Let me give you a basic run-down of what everything is.

  • Play Box: After you are done with the tutorial, hit this to run TS3
  • Rebuild: Merges everything, you need to click this after each cc adding “session”
  • Refresh: Click this to see the new cc you added to the download folder
  • Clear Cache: This deletes CASPartCache, compositorCache and SimCompositerCache, which will re-load your cc once you start the game.
  • Sets: This page shows you all the cc you have installed
  • Collections: This is where you make collections of cc that will be shown under the “collection” tab of build/buy in game
  • Configurations: Lets you choose what cc to run. I have one for “Gameplay” which runs all the cc that I have. CAS, poses, sliders, mods, build/buy etc. I also have one for “Photoshoots” which only run CAS stuff, mods and poses.
  • Options: Just various options, which I left untouched
  • Status: Shows you the status/progress of the rebuild

Step 2.Click on options, I left mine untouched, but you might need to add the following code to your “Additional Resource.cfg Entries” box:

Priority 1000
PackedFile “Overrides/*.package”
PackedFile “Overrides/*/*.package”
PackedFile “Overrides/*/*/*.package”
PackedFile “Overrides/*/*/*/*.package”
PackedFile “Overrides/*/*/*/*/*.package”

This just makes the game read the new packages that CCMagic builds, because it will be placed in mods>Cache instead of mods>packages

Step 3. Now Open My Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims 3>Mods>Packages and move your packages into the My Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims 3>Downloads folder, where you usually move the sims3packs to. If you have any sims3packs, delete or move those first. Personally I use Delphys Package Extractor with these settings to use the package files instead of sims3packs, except for sims, houses, patterns and worlds, I still use the launcher for those. Then press “Refresh” from step 1. This will show all the packages in the big window.

  • Catergory: Default is where all the packages go, just leave this alone
  • Notes: If it doesn’t have a preview and you know what it is, you can write it here
  • Date: This is when you added the package
  • File Name: This will sometime tell you what you’ve downloaded
  • Object: This is just the object name that TSRW or CTU give the package
  • Description: This will tell you what the package is

Step 4. On the left side panel, it will show you “Default” and “Legacy”. Legacy is anything left in your mods>packages folder. Since I make CC, I left a “_testing” folder in there so I can easily move those files around without having to edit and rebuild using CCMagic. Default is where the merged files are organized. This is the most time consuming part of using CCMagic. If you look at my panel, under “Default” I have the tabs CAS, Clothing, Monte Vista, Other Mods and Rooms. In each of those I have further organized stuff like in CAS I have a place for beards and eyebrows, while in Clothing I have male - shoes and female - tops. This is what you should do so you can be organized. Simply hit “Add” at the bottom of the panel to add a new folder. To make folders click the “Default” folder, add new and add a name for the folder. To add sub-folders click on the main folder and then hit “Add” then rename it.

Step 5. Once you’ve added the folders and sub-folders you need you can start organizing stuff. You just drag the package from the big window onto the folders in the side panel. For instance I have 5 packages listed. The blue “clothes” are contacts by aphroditeisimmoral and a maxi dress by simplykitsch. The contacts I am going to drag into the folder I made “Skins>Eyes>Contacts” and the dress is going to go into the folder I made called “Clothing>Female - Outfits” and the bottom green package is rugs, so I dragged that into “Rooms>Misc”. The rest (some not shown) are all from a TSR bedroom set called “Arezzo Living by Angela” those I converted to packages using instructions in step 3 and instead of installing all of those I am going to use s3pe to merge them into a set called “Arezzo_Living” which I will drag into the folder I made called “Rooms>Living>Arezzo”.

Step 6. Once you drag all your packages in the the organized folders you’ve made you can edit other settings as well. To set a collection, go to the collection tab. Click new at the bottom then name your collection. I have various ones for living room, bath room kitchen set, etc. Then choose an icon for it. To Assign collections, go back to the “Sets” tab, choose the folder or sub folder for the set and from the collection drag drop down menu, choose the collection you want to add that folder too.

Step 7. To set up certain packages to load up (ie. game play or photo shoots) you need to head to the configurations tab. At the bottom of the thinnest panel, hit “Add” and name it something like gameplay, which I use to actually play the game or photoshoots, what I use to take screenshots. Add a description if you’d like. Now in the two larger enabled/disabled set panels, all your packages are disabled. To enable them, select them and press the single left arrow and it will be added to the enabled sets. The whole purpose of this is to basically save time. If I am taking screenshots only, why should I load beds and sinks? If I want to actually play the game and say continue my legacy, then I need to load beds, sinks and everything else. Before you play, you can go into configurations and select the “photoshoots" config and enable the stuff you might need.

Now, to actually play the game, all you need to do is on the “Play” tab on the very upper left corner, choose the configuration you want to load, I am using my “Gameplay” config which will load all my packages. Then hit “Play”, this will take a while cause it will automatically start to rebuild your package list. Your packages will be merged into bigger package files called “ModBUILD0 (1, 2, 3, etc)” which will be made up in My Documents>The Sims 3>Mods>Cache>Sets. Instead of reading tons of packages while starting up, the game will only have to read the few modbuilds that CCMagic will make, but this step may take a few minutes or much longer, 1-4 minutes on average. 

How To Disable Packages: If for some reason you want to disable a package, or you are testing packages that might be messing up your game, simple un-check the “enabled” check box on the package. 

How To Update Mods: If you need to update your mods, simply go to “sets” and find the folder (and sub-folders) that have your mod and delete them using CCMagic, then add your new mods to the My Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims 3>Downloads and press “refresh” in CCMagic to load the new mods. 

Programs Mentioned
Delphys Package Extractor

I really hope this helps you, and if you need further help, you can always message me and I’d be happy to help you out!

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